Glen Robin Ewo Claes

Per-Owe "Ewo" Solvelius

Claes Sundström

Robin Sörqvist

Glen Sörqvist

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Epic Future
    The embryo of Epic Future took form in 1995.
    Four guys got together and started to jam for fun.
    One thing led to another and eventually Epic Future was born.
    The music is best described as Groovy-Heavy-Kickass-Melodic Metal. (70's stoner meets modern metal).
The band has received great reviews for powerful and well written songs.
    Epic Future are known as a really great live act, giving the audience a tight and professional performance.
    Pure energy boosted beyond 100%, leaving no one unaffected.


-If you're into heavy guitar riffs, screaming solos and beer soaked metal
with tons of attitude, keep your eyes and ears open for Epic Future!