• Born


• Home
Trollhättan, Sweden

• Influences
   Guitar heroes of the 70's

• Bands I listen to

   Everything from country to metal

• Drinks
   Bowmore, Jack Daniels, Beer

• Food
   Pizza, Thai Food, Barbeque

• Equipment

   Shamray Les Paul Custom (Custom Shop)
   Gibson Les Paul Standard
   Gibson Flying V
   Fender Stratocaster
   Ibanez Explorer

   BOSS TU-2
   Dunlop Zakk Wylde Wah
   MXR Phase 90
   BOSS CH-1
   Xotic SP Compressor
   MXR Smart Gate

   Marshall JMP 100W Head
   (Modified by Tommy Folkesson)
   JCM 900 Lead-1960 4x12 Cabinet